A Hope & Elvis day is a great experience set in an large inspirational studio full of warmth, materials and great food. You will receive a friendly welcome, expert guidance from artist amd makers of the highest order and have time, materials and space to explore your creativity. If you are coming far please let me know if you need any help with local places to stay to make a relaxed weekend away.

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Full payment is required to secure bookings. Please use the Paypal links or to pay by cheque or bank transfer please email me at and I will save you the seat if available. Bookings will be confirmed asap by Emma who works part time hours, so please dont panic if you dont recieve an email by return. In the event of a cancellation payments are are non refundable but if the place is filled credit will be given to be used for future workshops.

*Workshops 10am - 4pm unless specified*

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Mrs Bertimus Mixed Media. 29th April

Opening up her extensive mixed media recipe book Mrs Bertimus will guide you through a vast array of ideas involving corn plasters, the wonders of masking tape, sgraffito and the WOW process of both Gelli and Deli printing techniques. This form of mono printing is fast, creative and highly addictive. Using source material such as personal photographs and collected imagery, you will produce a series of uniquely layered prints on MDF or paper that could be framed or worked into projects. £75.00 inc lunch Waiting List

Textural Landscapes.  30th April

Mrs Bertimus  has developed this new workshop, opening out the mixed media palette to include textiles. Working on boards with scrips and scraps of fabric, collage materials and layers of acrylic paint, create textured semi/abstract representations of favourite landscapes. Learn simple glazing and layering techniques to achieve complex and rich layers of colour and texture. £75 inc lunch Waiting List

Beginners Soldering . 14th May

Di Tinker Foster has years of experience in soldering and is coming to share her passion for making meaningful items with traditional skills. So gather your treasures and learn the art of soldering. and appreciate its possibilities. You will have the opportunity to make 3 different sized story boxes using beautifully weighted bevelled glass combined with vintage paper covered boxes. Di also has the biggest collection of glass glitter for you to use, which matches the sparkle of this very special lady!£75 inc all materials but bring a packed lunch. Waiting List

Birds & Raised Embroidery. 20th & 21st May

Sarah Perry is a textile artist working in fine embroidered three-dimensional birds and animals set in their natural habitats. Travelling up from Cornwall to share her skills this will be a full weekend of stitching pleasure that will translate into a beautiful piece of three dimensional artwork inspired by her practice. 
On this two day workshop Sarah will help you transfer a design of your favourite bird and then embroider it using long and short stitch and colour shading as well feather details. Working in layers to produce a raised bird it is then applied to a background. The process of creating sculptured forms is a skill that can be translated in many ways. £150.00 inc lunch Two day workshop but a single day (Saturday) may be possible please enquire. Places: Just a Few

Raised Embroidery 2 days
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Jessie Chorley. Quilts and Scenes. 3rd June

On last years workshop Jessie discovered my stash of Durham quilt pieces and developed a beautiful collection of embroidered work that she will share with you on this day. Working onto worn but beautifully aged quilt bases Jessie will guide you through her processes and techniques including appliqué and simple patching, developing a personal narrative, hand embroidered lettering and drawing with your needle. £75 inc lunch Waiting List

Story Garments. 4th June

When you meet Jessie you spend a lot of time discreetly staring, her clothes are so interesting and full of life with brooch embellished Edwardian jackets, hand embroidered bows and patched and darned aprons. Inspired by Jessie’s wearable art this workshop concentrates on exploring narratives and letting scenes and stories unravel onto a personal garment using Jessie’s trademark style of appliqué, patch and hand worked embroidery. Bring a garment to work on or there will be a small shop of vintage linen smocks and simple cotton tops for you to work onto. £75 inc lunch  Waiting List

A Special Day with Hens Teeth: Needle Case’s

Monday 19th June

This workshop has been initiated by a super group of ladies who are coming all the way from California! They are keen to meet other fellow creative’s and happy to open out this lovely workshop with Viv. You would be made very welcome and I think it will be an absolute joy of a day and a chance to engage with other creative souls.

Using, time-worn, vintage and newer textiles, we will play with layering, surface texture, hand embroidery and stitch, to create a very personal, hand stitched needle case. Emphasis will be placed on the layering of fabrics, laces and haberdashery for an interesting textural base. We will then explore hand embroidered stitches and appliqué for even more texture and colour. £75.00 Places: Just a Few

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Jane Bevan. Working with Nature. 1st July

Jane Bevan is a Derbyshire artist with a passion for English woodlands, who forages for natural materials which she ties, stitches and binds together to make her artworks. Her materials are those which might otherwise be trodden on or overlooked, such as feathers, twigs, bark, seeds and thorns reflecting the beauty and perfection in the detail of nature. Jane is the author of Craft From Natural Materials, published by Bloomsbury in 2013.

Join us in a stroll around the local area, collecting seasonal examples of nature to use alongside materials provided by Jane. Back in the workshop we will experiment with an range of techniques such as tying, cutting, knotting, twining, plaiting and hand stitching to assemble small sculptural artworks. We will use waxed linen thread; florist wire; natural string made from vine; grass; reeds and plant stems for a truly organic rustic experience. Nearly Gone

Jane Bevan
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Liz Cooksey. 22nd or 23rd July

Manchester based textile artist Liz Cooksey makes varied and complex work inspired by the detail of natural forms. On this workshop you will be working ina circular form creating small worlds by using a mixed media approach, working with; wire, printed papers, fragments of cloth, old maps, buttons etc and bringing these elements together using a selection of techniques such as stitch, crochet, print, wire work, collage and needle tatting. £75 inc lunch. Waiting List.

Hannah Lamb.  Marks, Monograms & Text . 29th July

Artist and lecturer Hannah Lamb works across a broad range of techniques encompassing textiles, photography and installation. She has lectured in embroidery and design at Bradford School of Art since 2004, where she is currently Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Textiles & Surface Design. Hannah is an exhibiting member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists.

In this workshop we will take inspiration from beautiful old monogrammed linens and samplers to create your own stitched text samples. You will learn how to embroider a monogram and explore different styles of hand-stitched lettering that can be used within a modern day context for your own stitched projects. You are welcome to bring your own examples of precious lettering or take inspiration from Hannah’s collection (along with mine) it will be a day of ooohs and ahhhs that’s for sure! £75.00 inc lunch Places: Less than 5

Marks & Monograms
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Hens Teeth. Collars & Cuffs. 2nd September

Inspired by folk art and nature, Viv of Hens Teeth starts her creative process with drawings, which are translated into print, paint, free motion machine and hand embroidery.  Combined with layers of time worn fabrics, a little text and her signature embroidered flowers, her completed accessories and artwork tell tiny tales. 

Viv is renowned for her embellished cuffs and this workshop will provide you an opportunity to create your own inspired by her signature style and techniques. Not only that, you will have the chance to work on a vintage collar that could be framed or actually worn on a gentleman’s shirt making a unique garment. All materials are supplied so don’t worry about trying to find a vintage collar; I have bought up the countries supplies! £75 inc lunch. Places: Just a few

Collars & Cuffs
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Serena Partridge. Tiny Shoes 9th September

Serena Partridge is a visual artist who creates small-scale accessories and garments inspired by historical costume and storytelling. Her works are presented as museum acquisitions, encased with labels that blur boundaries between fact and fiction. Serena uses a wide range of materials and techniques, but primarily antique leather and silk, which she embroiders and fashions with meticulous hand stitching. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and is currently showing at the Brontë Parsonage Museum until 1st January 2017.

Fashion a pair of exquisite shoes using an assortment of interesting papers, fabrics and tiny trims. Serena will bring examples of her artwork and show you her inspiration, construction techniques and a range of decorative details. We will discuss suitable materials and how we can manipulate them before making up our accessories by stick and stitch. We will then look at a variety of methods to finish and trim, while considering playful ways to personalise and present the accessories. £75.00 inc lunch. Places: Nearly Gone

Tiny, Tiny Shoes
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Mandy Pattullo.Enchanted Forest. 23rd Sept

In this one day course Mandy will use iconic wild animals and birds such as deer, hares, foxes and wolves as an inspirational starting point to teach you to make a textile collage which will be built up on to a base of a vintage quilt fragment. Learn to use slow and traditional hand sewing techniques such as a freeform appliqué and embroidery to make a unique textile narrative. £75 inc lunch.Waiting List

Mandy Pattullo. Seed Heads. 24th September

As autumn arrives our flowers and weeds go to seed, producing beautiful seed pods, skeletal forms and silhouettes. Celebrate this change in the garden with a workshop that refers to the work of print maker Angie Lewin and other artists who have used a subtle colour palettes and line to create nature compostions. Working on an old piece of quilt with loose applique that will be embroidered with a series of stitches which reflect the forms of nature and concentrate on linear expression. £75 inc lunch. Waiting List

Tilleke Schwarz

I have long been a super fan of Tilleke Schwarz and I am delighted to announce that she will be flying in to lead a series of workshops. Tilleke makes contemporary hand embroidered art that reminds of graffiti and of traditional samplers with a mixture of graphic humor along with text. Having done a two day workshop with Tilleke her approach is direct and challenging but she is funny, engaging and affords attention to all. I hope you will take this rare chance to be inspired by a great artist.

An Introduction to The Art of Tilleke Schwarz. Thursday 5th October.

This is a shortened version of the two day workshop but you will have time to learn about Tilleke’s practice and her processes through short talks and demonstrations before embarking on practical work. The focus is on design, allowing you to design a new work in your own style and telling your own story. The workshop will start with an exercise in mixed media and collage on paper allowing experimentation before you move onto cloth. The workshop will have an emphasis on hand embroidery, but it is perfectly all right to incorporate any other (textile) technique, or use the sewing machine. The aim is to leave the workshop with plenty of new ideas and make a start with a new work on cloth.  £75.00 Places: Nearly Gone

The Art of Tilleke Schwarz
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Space for a New Plan.  7th & 8th October

In this workshop participants will enjoy the adventure of designing while working, resulting in inspiration for a new work. The focus is on design, allowing participants to design a new work in their own style and telling their own story. The workshop will start with some exercises in mixed media and collage on paper. These fast techniques on paper allow participants to experiment and to try out new ideas. Demonstrations will include Tillekes’ favourite embroidery technique (couching). The workshop will be illustrated with small lectures.  Special attention to the importance of SPACE in your work, space as part of your composition and space at the start which allows you to add ideas while working.The aim is to leave the workshop with plenty of new ideas and make a start with a new work on cloth.  Two day workshop £150.00 Waiting List

Julie Arkell. 12th – 15th  October Waiting List

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Marna Lunt. Precious Places. 21st & 22nd Oct.

Marna is a renowned textile artist whose work is influenced by her fine art background and her work is akin to drawing with a needle. Using colours and textures her painstaking hand stitched artworks are full of life and personality, which is a description that perfectly matches her.

This unique workshop covers two of Marna's interests, the urban scene and conversely the beauty of nature and landscapes. Using her canvasses and lampshades as a visual reference she will help you translate an image that evokes memories and associations be it a family home, city or a favoured view. You will learn how to draw your own design and transfer it to a fabric as well as embroidery stitches and interesting techniques of layering both with paint appliqué and print, basic print like photo transfers. Huddle down with us for a either a day or a full treat experience over the weekend in the company of like minded souls. One day or two day workshop can be booked individually £75 inc lunch 21st Waiting list 22nd Nearly Gone

Precious Places 22nd Oct
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Leah Halliday’s Traditional Ted. 3rd November


Would you love to learn how to create your very own traditional teddy bear? Makes a perfect gift for someone special! Leah will teach you step by step how to make a jointed teddy bear. You'll learn how to stitch on a curve, sewing gussets, tips on stuffing, button joints and hand stitching techniques including ladder stitch, satin stitch and appliqué too. Use fabrics from our stash, we've some lovely linens, wools or why not create a heirloom keepsake bear and bring along some special fabric that means something to you, this could be grannies linen or some baby clothes to create your very own bear.
There's a lot to achieve at this workshop so you might not get your bear completely finished but Leah will ensure you know all the techniques and skills necessary so you can hand finish your teddy at home. £75 inc lunch Places: Many

Traditional Teds
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Leah Halliday’s Advent Calendar. 4th November

Designer maker Leah is every bit as wonderful as her name with a glorious sense of colour and flair for vintage. Her original designed hanging fabric advent calender reflects her eye for detail and ability to mix pattern, prints, colours and embellishments in a bright and bold way.  This is great opportunity to make an heirloom item and learn many processes along the way.
Create your calendar with 24 pockets using different techniques including transfering designs using the templates provided, different methods of appliqué using machine and hand stitching, image transfer, hand embroidery and free machine embroidery. You will also be able to put the super Brother machines to work and use the full range of decorative embroidery stitches and text facilities. Finish off each pocket with printed numbers and text using vintage rubber stamps. There's a lot to achieve at this workshop so you might not get your calendar completely finished but Leah will ensure you know all the techniques and skills necessary so you can finish it at home. £75.00 inc lunch Places: Nearly Gone

Advent Calendars
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Leah Halliday’s Heirloom Angels 5th November

This is a great opportunity to make a hand crafted Angel using an original pattern designed by Leah. You'll learn doll-making techniques, tips on stuffing, creating faces and hair using hand stitching techniques. Using exquisite antique and vintage fabrics, patchwork, treasured laces and other special trims collected over many years, you then get to dress her! There's a lot to achieve at this workshop so you might not get your doll completely finished but Leah will ensure you know all the techniques and skills necessary so you can hand finish your angel at home. These personalised pieces would make a perfect gift for someone special or a treasured heirloom for family to enjoy in years to come. Waiting List

Festive Garlands. Julia Jowett. 17th December.

Julia Jowett explores the importance of storytelling and imagination. Working illustratively with wire, traditional hand stitch and print techniques Julia harnesses instinctive feelings and traditional craft processes to create considered folkloric mixed media narratives.

Inspired by winter berries and mistletoe leaves we will combine together wire and hand stitch, paint and metal gauze to create an enchantingly beautiful piece of decorative magic - an embroidered festive garland. Pin above the mantelpiece, give as a gift or let it nestle between the branches of your Christmas tree for a touch of handmade cheer. £75.00 inc lunch. Places: Just a Few

Festive Garlands
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