Artist Book with Cath Ray – Book Binder -19th & 20th September 2020

Artist Book with Cath Ray - 19th & 20th September

This workshop will look at the concept of the book as a whole artwork, rather than bookbinding as the production of an empty vessel to be filled at some point in the future.  During the course we will look at developments of the Artist's Book from its historical beginnings in the work of William Blake and William Morris and the later collaborations between printer, poet and artist such as Ambrose Vollard, Paul Verlaine, & Pierre Bonnard.  The concept of one person controlling the whole production of cover, format, words and images is quite intoxicating and people will be guided through each stage of the production of a truly unique and special object by the end of the two days.

Day onewill concentrate on the creation of a 2D image, which will form the front and back hard cover of the book and in the afternoon will be the planning of the size and length of the pages for the main body of the book.  Participants will be encouraged to combine words (which could be pre-printed) and images, or simply to use a series of images (photographs, drawings or paintings, which could also be produced beforehand if preferred).  The inside pages of the book will be folded card, which allows the flow of images across the whole length of the book (and the reverse side), or can be sectioned off into double pages, or each page to be treated as a single image.

Day twowill see the production of the main body of the book.  Materials will be provided for painting, drawing & collage including inks, watercolour, acrylic, pencil and charcoal.  Individual letter stamps will be available to use for titles or keywords, but longer pieces of text are best to bring printed out on good quality paper that can be attached to the main body of the book. Towards the end of the afternoon participants will assemble the covers and boards, attach fastenings and sit back and admire their hard work!

The workshop is planned to facilitate the production of a book from people who either turn up with a fairly clear idea of what they want to achieve (& many previously prepared photographs, poems and images), or those who walk through the door on the first morning with nothing planned and who wish to produce a work with purely spontaneous visual flow of images created over the weekend (with plenty of encouragement, inspiration, & lovely artists materails provided!). & I CAN'T WAIT !!

£160 - 2 day workshop including all materials and 2 course lunch - 10am -4pm

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