Creatures – Mandy Pattullo, 22 june 2019

Creatures with Mandy Pattullo

22 june 2019

Mandy treasure the old and worn, refashioning vintage textiles into new collages which are embellished with stitch and appliqué. she re-cycles and reuses very old and often disintergrating materials which have been passed on or discarded.
It's always a pleasure to welcome Mandy Pattullo back to Hope & Elvis, the work from previous workshops has been truly stunning. looking forward to what creatures will emerge.
Mandy has turned her attention away from her usual portraits of  birds to focus on the  small British mammals that we hold so dear and should cherish as their numbers drop and sightings become rare. Think hedgehogs,  rabbits, mice, squirrels, badgers and foxes. Mandy will provide lots of guidance on how to build up a picture of one of these on to an old quilt surface, providing templates and lots of inspiration. You might choose to work entirely in stitch, textile collage or a bit of both. It is a fiddly job and you will be working quite small but mastering the technique will allow you to transfer the skills to other textile collage portraiture of all creatures great and small.
£85 including all materials and 2 course lunch - 10am-4pm

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