Embroidered and Applique Story Dresses with Jessie Chorley – 9th June 19

Embroidered and Applique Story Dresses with Jessie Chorley - 9th June 19

This workshop will focus and explore Jessie’s signature style of hand embroidery combined with her unique approach to applique and patchwork

 Jessie will show you how she uses small items of clothing as her canvases as she illustrates them with her needle, thread and chosen fabric scraps

 Jessie’s needle acts both as a drawing tool and also to hold in place her chosen fabrics and found items

 Jessie will be showing you how she cuts simple shapes out of fabrics and applique's them to her chosen garments to create a narrative, the shapes can be a house, a moon, a flower, a river, the stars above or a simple tree

 She will work with you directly to cut and create such shapes

 This workshop will also explore Jessie’s  unique style of hand embroidered text and lettering that she creates and writes with her needle and thread

 Please bring an items of dolls or children's clothing with you to work on during this workshop perhaps you have something from a family member, or a favourite dolls dress or other garment

 Jessie suggests cotton items as they are easier to embellish with fine embroidery techniques

 There will also be assorted items of dolls and children's clothing for sale on the day for attendees of this workshop to purchase

 Jessie will work with you to create your own illustrations directly on to your chosen item of clothing, using assorted fabrics provided here at the Hope & Elvis studio combined with items that Jessie will be providing including her range of embroidery threads

£85 including Lunch 10-4



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