A Day of Colour wth Jo Waterhouse – 2nd February 2019

A Day of Colour with Jo Waterhouse

I am delighted that Jo Waterhouse is back at Hope & Elvis to kickstart our creativity in 2019. Jo's workshop in 2018 was amazing, full of inspiration and exciting techniques but it sounds like we only scratched the surface! as Jo has much more to share .... Can't Wait

'Hello, my name is Jo and I am a collage artist. I like to make images of things that are folky with just a touch of mundane thrown in: think Morris dancers and bungalows. 

I have work in the collections at the V&A and am represented by The New Craftsmen gallery of Mayfair. I also run a stationery company marketing my own designs on greetings cards which are widely available including at Turner Contemporary and National Galleries of Scotland'

A day of colour!

A chance to take part in some colour experiments, to spend time looking, thinking and discussing. We’ll work as a group to examine colour meanings and also have time alone to create something that stretches our ideas of what’s possible. I will support you in any areas you find tricky. We’ll practise looking honestly at how art makes us feel and how we can make art that really speaks to us.

We’ll mix colours and spend time doing some satisfying daubing. Paint may well fly. We’ll practise creating works from paper freely and intuitively. There will be led exercises and also the opportunity for you to work from your own ideas.

By the end of the day you will feel inspired and galvanised.


£85 including all materials & 2 course lunch


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