Matthew Harris – 11th, 12th & 13th September 2020

Chain Reaction - One Thing Leads to Another with Matthew Harris

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Matthew Harris is a graduate of the textile course at Goldsmiths College and has been working with textiles since 2000, having for the previous ten years made and exhibited drawings and works on paper. He has shown in a number of group and solo exhibitions throughout the U.K, Ireland and Japan.

Matthew Harris makes work that employs dying, cutting and hand stitching. It is concerned primarily with abstract imagery and the translation of drawn marks into cloth. By making work that is pieced, patched and assembled, he aims to create pieces that explore repetition, pattern and the disrupted or dissonant journey of line and image across and through the surface of cloth.

I have spent many years working with students, getting them to think about the development of a personal visual language for textiles through the medium of drawing etc. This means that any project I write is usually a starting point for very individual responses and subsequently a lot of one to one teaching, in order that participants really think about their own personal visual language and ongoing work - Matthew Harris

Chain Reaction - One Thing Leads to Another

Working from a collection of objects we will be looking at ways in which visual imagery might convey, explore and develop the idea of personal language, narrative and history through the interaction of making, materials and process. Working from a collection of personal objects we will be looking at ways in which to generate a collection of visual material that has the potential to evolve and change along a three and a half metre length of cloth. 

Your starting point will be a collection of personal objects that you have acquired, inherited or collected. These don’t have to be exceptional objects; they may be ephemeral or throw away, or they might have strong associations or personal memories; they may form a group or be totally dis-connected. What they must all share however are visual elements that excite and interest you; elements to do with colour, texture, pattern, form, material etc.

Working with a range of materials and approaches, including drawing, painting, collage, applique, stitch etc, we will look at ways in which to extract and play with information from your objects through observation, repetition, distortion, fracturing, stretching etc, etc. Your piece of cloth will then evidence the process of this development along it’s entire length, by recording the working and re-working of ideas and approaches as layers of information are worked over, re shaped, hidden and revealed over three days to create a rich palimpsest that becomes an object in its own right or one that forms the starting point for further ideas.

£450 including all materials, 2 course lunch (3 Day Course) 

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