Narrative Memory Maps in Stitch with Ekta Kaul – 29th Feb & 1st March 2020 –

Narrative Memory Maps in Stitch with Ekta Kaul - 29th Feb & 1st March 2020 -

Ekta Kaul is an award winning textile artist, maker and educator. Her textiles are imbued with character, they speak of exquisite hand craftsmanship, simplicity and timelessness. Ekta’s embroidered cartographic quilts-‘StoryMaps’ seek to tell personal stories of place through maps.

A minimalist at heart, Ekta draws inspiration from graphic aerial photography, vintage maps and gardens. She is inspired by zen gardens of Japan, calligraphy and architecture. Her process is very much rooted in mark making. Her work explores contemporary expressions of stitch using age-old techniques of hand embroidery, hand dyeing and block printing and free-hand machine embroidery.

Narrative Memory Maps

This course will focus on how to use the stitch to make commemorative maps expressing memories related to place. You will draw inspiration through prompts such as personal photographs, maps, found objects or souvenirs for exploring memories. Ekta will share details of process and techniques she uses in her own practice.  You will learn to create visual compositions and then translate them into stitched patterns and textures evoking memories of land, location and people.

£180 inc materials and 2 course lunch

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