Rust Marks – Alice Fox, 19th & 20th October 2019

Rust Marks - Alice Fox

19th and 20th October 2019

Alice’s process-led practice is based on recording personal experience of landscape. She works with natural fibres and gathered materials, employing natural dye techniques, print, stitch and weave in different combinations to create surfaces and structures. Alice takes an experimental approach to found items, learning about their properties, boundaries and possibilities through the making process. Alice is author of Natural Processes in Textile Art (Batsford, 2015). She lives and works in West Yorkshire.

Learn about the potential for using found rusty objects for printing and dyeing on paper and fabric. Using an experimental approach and found metal objects we will explore methods for transferring marks from rusty metal onto papers and fabrics.

We will respond to and add to our marks with hand stitch to develop a series of textural samples or starting points for further work.

£170 including all material and 2 course lunch - 10am-4pm

Bring along some rusty objects of your own and see what potential they hold.


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