Textile collage & Rebel Cross stitch! with Mandy Pattullo 4th October 2020

Textile collage & Rebel Cross stitch! with Mandy Pattullo 4th October 2020 - Full

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Treasure the old and worn, refashioning vintage textiles into new collages which are embellished with stitch and appliqué. I re-cycle and reuse very old and often disintergrating materials which have been passed on or discarded. I particularly like to cut up and unpick utility patchworks and quilts made by women in domestic settings. I consciously relate to the thrift and ‘make- do and mend” culture of past times as well as folk art traditions and techniques.My collages, large wall quilts and garments bring together precious fragments to form evocative compositions. The viewer is forced to re-examine fabrics that have become flawed through wear and tear, to find in them a new beauty.

Think you don’t like cross stitch? Mandy Pattullo didn’t either but as soon as she married it with her signature textile collage style and went off piste with the stitching then she fell in love! In this course Mandy will help you will build up a small textile collage on to which you will overlay a free style cross stitch design. She will show you how to break the rules of traditional cross stitch whilst still using some traditional patterns as a starting point. She will bring inspiring examples to make you reconsider this technique which has been used across all cultures for many centuries.


£85 including materials and 2 course lunch 10am - 4pm

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